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Finally a weight loss program that is as sound physiologically as it is spiritually! The Eden Diet relies on medically proven healthful eating habits and avoids extreme dieting techniques that rarely produce long term weight control and can be deleterious to your health.  Dr. Hancock’s program ensures success by going beyond the calories to the emotional and spiritual problems causing obesity to produce true change from the inside out. Follow the Eden Diet and you are sure to become more physically and spiritually fit—and best of all you get to eat carbs again!

Clark Gerhart, MD
Surgeon and Christian Author,  Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin
(Strang Communications, 2005)

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With the current abundance and prominence of food in our society, the obesity epidemic is no surprise.  The Eden Diet will teach you to recognize true hunger and become known as the one that can walk away from the buffet.

Steve Cox, DO
Family Medicine, Norman, Oklahoma

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After spending many years in Behavioral Psychotherapy, I found the Eden Diet to be a very helpful tool in changing our internal dialogue about food that is so detrimental to weight loss and management.  Additionally, it guides us to request the power of the universe, God, to assist us each step of the way.  How could we possibly fail with God as our partner in health?

Kathy Smith, MS
Behavioral Psychotherapist

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"What an incredible book!  Dr. Hancock uses sound, science based nutrition information.  She shows us God's original plan for eating and controlling our weight without ever dieting again. After 17 years as a registered dietitian, I found her principles to be refreshing and the most effective method I have ever found for losing weight and maintaining that loss."

Debbie Leonard, MS
Registered and Licensed Dietitian

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There are too many self-help, "me-centered" books on how to lose weight, achieve dreams and desires. But, into this mix comes a fresh breath idea--to relax and let God change you as you cooperate with his blueprint for your life. Rita Hancock is a medical doctor, mother, and dedicated follower of Yeshua, and has provided a simple, Biblical pattern for eating, life, and living.

Glen Howard
Former Director, Manila Bible Institute
Senior Pastor, International Church of Budapest
Associate Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Oklahoma City

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Not eating when you're NOT truly hungry......Eating smaller portions when you ARE truly hungry....Eating treats occasionally and in moderation as you lose weight.....Exercising more.....Who can argue with those things? Dr. Hancock's method works.

Gary Ratliff, MD
Internal Medicine
Norman Oklahoma

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The Eden Diet helps people unlock the many reasons they are unable to lose weight by dieting.  As a Christian researcher in metabolism and endocrinology and a juvenile diabetic for 32 years, I know that weight loss involves not only the physiological aspects, but the emotional, spiritual, and physiological side as well. Dr. Hancock’s book is able to address all of these areas and help people to finally be able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. 

Lacinda A. Templer DeCicco, Ph.D.
Human Physiology

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A fresh look at weight control by listening to the bodies God gave us. Dr. Hancock gives practical tools to help make doing this easier. Encouraging and insightful.  This book frees its readers from the roller coaster of dieting.

Cara Brown, MD
Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians
Board-certified in Adolescent Medicine

"I was so glad to have read The Eden Diet. The Eden Diet addresses three topics: the science, emotions, and the spiritual side of dieting, and in an intelligent and balanced way. It’s for both men and women. Thanks to the principles in The Eden Diet, I lost forty pounds and feel like I escaped from food-prison. Thanks be to God."

D.R., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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 “I have more hope now than I have had in the past as I think Dr. Hancock has hit on the key for me.  I have started listening to my hunger pangs and waiting (most of the time) until I feel them to eat.  The hardest thing is not to mindlessly eat.  I have been able to sometimes just eat a little and save the rest until later.  That is a huge accomplishment for me and Dr. Hancock was right it is a very empowering feeling.  I am craving more fruits and vegetables and enjoying eating them.  I have realized that milk and bread make me feel bad and am beginning to try to stay away from them because I don't like the sluggish, bloated feeling I have when I eat them.”

D.B., Norman, Oklahoma

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“Reading the ‘Eden Diet’ has really changed my outlook on eating and knowing when to eat.  After reading only a couple of chapters, I learned how to lose fat and began to lose it immediately.  I learned more than I have in my hundreds of unsuccessful attempts at dieting.  This is not a fad.  It does not involve drugs that make me feel shaky or make my colon spastic.  It does not involve supplements that someday will be determined to cause brain tumors.  It is very simple... Eat when your body tells you to, exactly the way God designed you!  So far I have lost 30 pounds.”

C.P., Norman, Oklahoma

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“The Eden diet has been very enlightening for me and has helped me unlock some of the reasons why I have over eaten for so many years.  It has also been very liberating.  I now can eat whatever I want to and experience no guilt.  Of course, occasionally I do have to remind myself that it is ok for me to eat ice cream if I want it and am hungry.  Years of misinformation and scripting about "traditional" dieting is hard to correct in just a few weeks. But I do find it getting easier.  I just logged the end of my first month and was excited to see not only am I down in weight, but more importantly inches.”

Anonymous, Norman, Oklahoma

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“What really used to get me was snacking for taste when I was bored and drinking pop as though it was water. After reading The Eden Diet, I stopped doing those things and began to exercise more, and within a couple months I lost 25 pounds. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to lose weight, but it wasn’t.”

W.H., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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“On the Eden Diet I lost 30 pounds in 4-5 months, but that’s not even the best part. Now, I feel closer to God, and I’m not obsessed with what I eat or how I look.”

Anonymous, Norman, Oklahoma

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"After having the lap band surgery and losing 130 lbs. I had reached
a Plateau that had  hindered me from reaching that last 45 lbs.
The Eden Diet has helped me begin to achieve my permanent weight loss goals
and to maintain a balanced weight for the future."


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Thanks to The Eden Diet, the shame I’ve lived with about food addiction is being conquered. This diet put God in control, and leaning on Him put me in control. Getting reacquainted with my body signals and turning to God for strength and guidance has been life-altering. In the first eight weeks, I lost 17 pounds, and I’m still losing. This is a diet that works.

L.C., Edmond, Oklahoma

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The Eden Diet is so simple and really just makes sense. I’ve learned to just listen to my body and learn when I’m really hungry, as opposed to eating out of boredom or stress-eating. I’m down a dress size and know that since I’m losing slowly and evenly I’ll be able to maintain and that I’m being kind to my body.

D.G., Norman, Oklahoma




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Before and "Progress" Pics

A Note From Dr. Rita

rita with fat jeansRomans 12:1,2 says that once we submit to God, our "transformation" becomes a life-long process. That's why I prefer to call the pictures shown below "Before" and "Progress" pictures and not "Before" and "After" pictures. As long as we live and breathe, none of us can possibly be perfect or "finished" during our time on Earth.

As you join us, please pray about emailing me your "Before" and "Progress" pictures. You can contact me on the Contact Us page and I will give you instructions. You will also need to complete the Permission form, and mail it to the address shown on the form.

Before Pics
"Progress" Pics



before shelley

Shelley - Before

progress shelley

Shelley - down 40 pounds!

tammy before

Tammy - Before

tammy progress

Tammy - 40 lb.s lighter and enjoying life more every day!

nan before

Nan - Before

nan progress

Nan -


bradley before

Harold - Before

harold progress

Harold - down 45 pounds!

melissa before

Melissa - Before

melissa progress

Melissa - down 40 pounds!


Heather - Before


Heather - down 101 pounds!


Arlene - Before


Arlene, 68 pounds lighter

Book, Workbook, & Audio CD's

Through The Eden Diet Book & Workbook, you'll learn how to make your hunger pangs work for you. You'll identify and beat your emotional eating triggers, mindless eating habits, and those sinful urges that lead you to eat for taste when you're not actually hungry. And you'll learn techniques for eating properly at social events, parties, and at ala carte and buffet restaurants.

Audio CD's: To reinforce your Eden Diet experience, Dr. Hancock has
created audio relaxation exercises filled with positive, godly, weight loss affirmations. They may be used at the end of workshop meetings or in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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The Eden Diet is a Christian Diet / Christian Weight Loss Plan by Dr. Rita Hancock MD.