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To find or start an Eden Diet Workshop in your area, visit our Contact Us page.


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Existing Eden Diet Workshops

Goodrich United Methodist Church
is starting an Eden Diet workshop as part of their Health and Wellness Program. The address is 200 West Hayes in Norman, OK 321-0975, off Robinson Street, just east of

   First Baptist Church of Norman
(Dr. Wade Smith, pastor, 211 W Comanche, Norman, OK), has committed to starting an Eden Diet support group in January of 2009. The date and time of the informational meeting is to be arranged.

McFarlin Methodist Church
(Rev. Dick House, 419 S University Blvd, Norman, OK) group meetings every other Thursday at 7pm. Contact group leader Andrea for details.
andrea [at] ionet.net
Crosspointe Church

(Joe Grizzle, pastor, 2601 24th Avenue SE, Norman, OK) is resuming their Eden Diet
workshop after taking the summer off. Contact group secretary Tracy for details.
tracymmartin [at] att.net

Woodland Hills Baptist Church
(Bruce Christian, pastor, 313 S Highway 76, Newcastle, OK), The first meeting will be on Mon Jan 5th at 7pm. Books may be purchased at Dr. Hancock's office before the meeting, but they will also be available for purchase at the meeting. Formal meetings of the group will start in
January of 2009. Contact group secretary Sheila for details.
swerneburg [at] blanchard.k12.ok.us

   Edmond Christian Church
2800 East Danforth Road, Edmond, Oklahoma.
Contact person is Kari.
Email: kwade [at] cox.net.
     Southern Hills Baptist Church
 Dr. Douglas Melton, pastor,
8601 South Pennsylvania,
Oklahoma City, OK,
has moved the start date of the Eden Diet workshop to January of 2009. The date and time of the organizational meeting is to be arranged.


Midtowne Church
4037 Boone Rd., Benton, Arkansas 72015
Contact Liz Bray
Email: LeaveittoLiz [at] aol.com Open to outside members 6:30pm, 1st and 3rd Thursdays, in the sanctuary.


Vero Beach, Florida
Additional information to follow
Contact group leader Debbie for details.
Debrabee [at] mindspring.com

Titusville, Florida
Westside Baptist Church,
2801 Tropic St, Titusville, FL 32796
Meets each Tuesday at 2:00&7:00p.m.
Meets in the Fellowship Hall chrisharro[at]wbctitusville.com


Cabrini Catholic Church
Contact person: Susan Brun, sstbrun at comcast.net,
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. (dates vary) in the parish hall of St. Frances
Cabrini Catholic Church, Savannah, GA, 31419


  Glenn Park Christian Church
2757 S. Glenn
Wichita, KS 67217
316-943-4283 (church phone number)
Tuesday mornings at 9:30, Starting January 5th
Contact Person: Deb Shirkey, 316-644-4106

The Church of the Master
A United Methodist Church
110 Salem Hill Road
Howell, New Jersey
Phone 732-364-3456
Contact Rev. Shelley K. Potter-Abrahamsen
Revskpachurch [at] optonline.net




Meeting day: Every Thursday
Location: 15 South Main Street, 2nd Floor, Suite F,
London, OH 43140.
It is open to outside members.
Leaders: Barbara Dixon and Wendy Starr.

Affiliation: Marion Christian Center*
1550 Richland Road, Marion, Ohio 43302.
Mondays @ 6:00 pm
*Actual meeting location is at a private residence
Contact Deb McElroy @ 740-382-1132 or dmcelroy51 at gmail.com


Abundant Life Assembly of God
3003 Walnut Ave, Altoona, PA
Fellowship Hall - Wednesdays at 5:15pm
Contact Josie Woodcock at (814) 932-0328
or Email : mellowood [at] pennswoods.net

Faith Assembly of God Church
34 Fox Manor Road, Hazle Township, PA
2nd and 4th Sunday evenings of each month beginning the end of April
Contact Lenore Kotsur
or Email : lenore [at] faith-ag.com

1st Baptist Church of Chehalis   
1866 S. Market Blvd. - Chehalis, WA 98532
Church Foyer
Each Monday (for now - may be less frequent later on)
6:30PM to 7:30PM (may change to 6:00PM - 7:30PM)
Contact Person Carolyn Elder or Linda Nelson
Email : carolyn@watravel.net

Wenatchee Valley Baptist Church
1606 Woodland Dr, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Monday's at 6:30 pm.
Contact Cheri Rader
either by email cheri006@nwi.net or phone 509-667-7779




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FAQ's about The Eden Diet workshops

1. Do I have to join a workshop?
It would be best for you to join with other Eden dieters so you can support and encourage each other and draw upon the power of the Holy Spirit as a group, but you can elect to study the book independently.

2. How do I find an Eden Diet group in my area?
Groups are to register on TheEdenDiet.com. Click on the link to find a group in your area, and contact that group's coordinator for details.

3. There is no workshop near my home. What can I do?
Start one of your own using the instructions in the workbook. If you regularly meet and pray with at least one other person, and if you follow the meeting protocol outlined in the workbook, then you've started a bona fide workshop.

4. When do I complete the exercises in the workbook?
You can start answering the questions in the workbook as soon as you finish reading the main text.  The questions are meant for you to complete independently and prayerfully before workshop meetings. In preparation for the meetings, complete the subtopics that were assigned at the previous meeting.
5. What if I join late and the group is halfway through the book?
Since you will have read the entire book before attending your first meeting, you won't be "behind." None of the concepts will be new to you. Simply start the workbook wherever the group happens to be at the time you join.

6. When does the program end?
It doesn't. On completing the workbook, the group returns to chapter one and repeats the process. The group may cycle through the workbook many times, with variety coming from new member additions, deeper revelations from the Holy Spirit, and new audio CD material that is released by Dr. Hancock over time.

7. How long is a meeting and how often does the group meet?
The group meets for 90 minutes, every other week.
8. What do I need to do before my first meeting?
Read the main text, up to the workbook. Contact the group leader to find out what sections will be covered at your first meeting, and then complete those sections, as well.
9. Is there a cost for attending the meetings?
10. Are you weighed at the meetings? No. The focus is for you to stop defining yourself based on your weight, to break free from bondage to food, and to find your identity in God, regardless of your weight.
11. How will I track my success?
There are "30-day Block" forms in the workbook. Each 30 days, you are to write down your behavioral goals on a form, as well as your starting-weight and measurements. At the end of the 30 days, record your ending-weight and measurements and your experience trying to achieve your behavioral goals. Then, choose new behavioral goals for the following month, and record them on the next 30-day block form.

12. Where can I find promotional materials to advertise the meetings?
You can download various handouts and brochures to help you organize, advertise, and start your workshop by clicking on the buttons below.

brochures buttonhow to have a meeting

workshop faq'sworkshop agendaB&W BROCHURE

Book, Workbook, & Audio CD's

Through The Eden Diet Book & Workbook, you'll learn how to make your hunger pangs work for you. You'll identify and beat your emotional eating triggers, mindless eating habits, and those sinful urges that lead you to eat for taste when you're not actually hungry. And you'll learn techniques for eating properly at social events, parties, and at ala carte and buffet restaurants.

Audio CD's: To reinforce your Eden Diet experience, Dr. Hancock has
created audio relaxation exercises filled with positive, godly, weight loss affirmations. They may be used at the end of workshop meetings or in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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The Eden Diet is a Christian Diet / Christian Weight Loss Plan by Dr. Rita Hancock MD.